Kick off the 2015 Festival of Sail with a Tall Ship Parade Spectator Cruise

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Kick off the 2015 Festival of Sail with a Tall Ship Parade Spectator Cruise
Have you ever just wanted to experience a cruise getaway, without traveling too far from home? The 2015 Festival of Sail is the perfect escape - a quick, breezy tour of the coast just for the afternoon, while learning a bit about some great yacht history and boat folklore. The 2015 Festival of Sail kicks off its celebrations with the Parade of Sail - also known as the Tall Ship Parade, and the best way to view all the festivities is from the stern of a yacht. Jump on board a Hornblower Cruise Ship for a tour of the San Diego Harbor and get up close and personal with this fabulous nautical possession. The parade begins at 11:15am on September 3 near the Bali Hai restaurant, and tickets for the Tall Ship Parade Spectator Cruise 2015 are going fast. Enjoy some San Diego sunshine for this 2-hour cruise that includes details about more than 50 San Diego landmarks, including a dozen historic Tall Ships, comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, a snack with adult beverages to purchase, and the best photo backdrop you'll get all trip.
If you're a sailor at heart or just love the sea, you won't want to miss this opportunity to enjoy the Tall Ship Parade featuring more than a dozen windjammers, international water vessels, and great views for this annual festival. Led by a vessel from the United States Navy, the parade will highlight San Diego's great harbor in this nautical possession that's a highlight of the San Diego summer. Don't miss your chance to view San Diego from a whole other light with a trip through the harbor on a Hornblower cruise.
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