Real Pirates Exhibit at the NAT San Diego

About 3 year(s) ago by The Bristol Hotel
Real Pirates San Diego at The NAT
Are you ready? View more than 200 authentic artifacts at the NAT—cannons, swords, coins, gold, and jewelry—recovered just off the shores of Welfleet, Massachusetts. Sail with “The Prince of Pirates,” “Black Sam” Bellamy, and his crew to learn the true story of the Whydah Galley, slave ship turned pirate ship turned shipwreck in 1717. Upon its trip the ocean floor in 1717, the Whydah carried bounty from more than 50 captured ships. In July 1984, the Whydah was found under just 19 feet of water and sand, holding more than 30,000 pounds sterling, as well as indigo, ivory, silver, and gold. Barry Clifford, the underwater explorer who stumbled upon the Whydah in 1984, describes the event as “the most exciting moment in [his] career…a rare window into the mysterious window of 18th century pirates…a chance to bring the real story of pirates to the public.” The NAT offers a glimpse into the life of Bellamy and his posse until September 1st of this year. Guests at the Bristol are provided discounted tickets to the exhibit with our special, Real Pirates Package, found here:
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