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The Beauty and the Beast
Since 1965, the San Diego Civic Theatre has been wowing locals and visitors alike with its incredible Broadway performances. Now, this performing arts venue is inviting you to "be our guest" this January and enjoy the Tony-Award winning musical, Beauty and the Beast.
This delightful tale follows the beautiful Belle, a bookworm who's a bit bored by her life in a small provincial town in France. However, Belle's life quickly changes when her father takes a wrong turn and ends up imprisoned in the Beast's castle.
Belle offers herself in her father's stead, agreeing to remain in the Beast's castle for eternity. When she finally meets the Beast, she must decide between shunning him as all the villagers have done and seeing past his frightful outward appearance. As this international sensation unfolds, spectators can watch in anticipation of the dazzling costumes, intricate sets, and unforgettable musical numbers the "Beauty and the Beast" is sure to unfold.
Showing from January 7th until the 12th, couples and families alike will revel in this magical tale, based on the Academy Award-winning book of the same name. Enjoy much-beloved numbers such as "Beauty and the Beast" and "Be Our Guest" during the weeklong performance schedule.
This traveling production features Dane Agostinis as The Beast - whose previous works include Little Shop of Horrors and Elephant Man¬ — as well as Emily Behny as Belle — who's also starred in Aladdin: The Musical Spectacular and Cinderella. Patrons can purchase tickets through the San Diego Civic Theatre's website for its weekday and weekend performances.
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